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Creative Madman’s guide to basic San Andreas Pedestrian creating

Part 1

The tools you will need

Before you start you need your model and its texture (in a TGA format, ive found that any other then ones exported from ViceTXD do not Map properly) in the same folder

In my tutorial I’m going to convert a GTA3 Pedestrian model into San Andreas

  1. in Zmodeler import the desired model
  2. go through and delete all unnecessary objects, such as in this model, the lower qual model set
  3. I have imported the Los Santos Fireman model as a guide to creating the new ped this is done by
    - importing the Dff into 3Ds max
    - deleting everything but the mesh
    - exporting the mesh as a Vice City Model
    - opening the TXD in TXD workshop compressing the texture, and saving as a Vice City Txd
    - open the TXD in ViceTXD and exporting normal TGA

    this converts the model into a Vice City Mesh and allows importing into Zmodeler with textures


  4. I am going to now replace the GTA3 pedestrian’s hands with those of the SA fireman’s by
    - creating a copy of the Skin_mesh (the SA fireman) object and calling it hands.
    - Hide all the objects but hands.
    - then switching to Verticals mode and click on the fireman mesh, the verticles will then turn red.

    - delete all of the vertices but those forming the hands.

    - you must now change the textures assigned to the hands, change to faces mode and - click the hands, use the rectangle easy selector to highlight all of the faces on the hands .

    - right click the ‘hands’ object and go to faces > properties.

    - where it says ‘Textured: lafd1.tga’, change to your models texture in this case ‘Textured: fire.tga’.
    - go to assign UV mode, in the top right corner, make sure one of your windows is set to UV mapper changeable by the grey box in the corner, and click on the highlighted hands in faces mode.

    - adjust the UV maps over the texture in the UV mapper window until they please you.
    you can repeat this process with any part of the San Andreas model, I advise using San Andreas Hand, feet and pants models.
  5. Adjust your model to have its objects lined up with the San Andreas model.
  6. When you are happy with the look of your model and it fits fairly loosely the San Andreas model, its time for exportation.
    - first save your work, then, delete ‘Skin_mesh’ (your SA model) and any other objects you don’t use in your model.
    - in objects mode select every object and unite selected, call it whatever you want.

    – go to file, export, call it something like "mesh.dff" as a DFF

End of Part1

  • Part 2